[BBC-Micro] Yes!!!!

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Dec 4 14:51:21 GMT 2006

David Harper wrote:
>> It turned out to be a Master. Once I'd got it, I decided to open the lid 
>> to check for anything interesting. I normally do this, and there's 
>> almost never anything interesting inside. On this occasion, it's a 
>> Master 512! I was very pleased to say the least.
>> ...
>> I'm so happy I just had to share this with someone :-)
> Congratulations! You have hours of fun ahead of you.

Hours? Are you implying that Master 512s are prone to going into premature 
meltdown or something? ;-)

Seriously though Alex, nice find. To be honest I think that Master 512s are 
actually about the rarest Acorn machine in my experience[1].

[1] I've not yet seen a single Master Scientific, nor heard of a surviving 
one, although I've had enough evidence to convince myself that they did exist 
- so that one's top of my rarity list!



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