[BBC-Micro] Yes!!!!

David Harper dl.harper at btopenworld.com
Mon Dec 4 15:36:37 GMT 2006

Jules Richardson wrote:

>> Congratulations! You have hours of fun ahead of you.
> Hours? Are you implying that Master 512s are prone to going into premature
> meltdown or something? ;-)

Actually I have found mine to be remarkably reliable - it is still working 
without fault. (There are other problems, of course, principally to do with 
the PC-not-quite-compatibility.)

> Seriously though Alex, nice find. To be honest I think that Master 512s 
> are
> actually about the rarest Acorn machine in my experience[1].

According to Robin Burton ("Master 512 Forum", Beebug, Vol.10 No. 1 
(viewable at: 
http://www.cowsarenotpurple.co.uk/bbccomputer/master512/beebugm512forum/10-01.html ) 
Acorn produced around 13000 of them. Robin speculates that  the majority of 
these (he guesses at around 12000) were never used as 512's. Possibly most 
of the owners never knew what the machine was.

David Harper 

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