[BBC-Micro] Yes!!!!

Mike profpep at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 17:15:06 GMT 2006

> According to Robin Burton ("Master 512 Forum", Beebug, Vol.10 No. 1
> (viewable at:
http://www.cowsarenotpurple.co.uk/bbccomputer/master512/beebugm512forum/10-01.html )
> Acorn produced around 13000 of them. Robin speculates that  the majority
> these (he guesses at around 12000) were never used as 512's. Possibly most
> of the owners never knew what the machine was.
> David Harper

BT bought a lot for employees who had previously been using BBC's - BT had
quite an active BBC user group. .They were ostensibly to help over the
transition to the IBM PC.

True to the above statement, the one I got from that source had never been
plugged in, as far as I can tell. The mouse is a bit wierd and it's a
surprise to see one with a decent user port plug, (not a bodged ribbon

I've only run it up myself twice in PC mode....


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