[BBC-Micro] how can I test if the 1770 and 8271 disc interface are fully working?

salahdin mahmud tbkc at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 4 22:35:10 GMT 2006

Any one have any ideas on how to do the above?

Just to be clear I can check the dfs by doing a checksum and comparing it to 
another or previous value but how about the 8271 FDC? The problem is that I 
dropped it and although it seems to work fine I have some software which 
makes full use of this but if damaged the data will be meaningless. The FDC 
itself cannot be detected and so a checksum not possible and has more than 
the standard legs.

Is it ppossible to do a checksum on a pc compatible programmer that can 
accomodate the larger sized rom and compare values from 2 different roms?


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