[BBC-Micro] A New Game for the Beeb!

D.G. van der Pol danielg at newfoundland.nl
Mon Dec 11 21:31:44 GMT 2006

Op 11-dec-2006, om 22:06 heeft F. Haroon het volgende geschreven:

>> Tested on BBC B, BBC B with Watford DDFS, Master, BeebEm. If you have
>> any difficulties or questions do get in touch - knowing me I've
>> cocked something up horrendously!
> Good game  - did you model this by any chance on Luxor from Shockwave?
> You know, every time the Escape key is pressed, the game crashes.  I
> don't know if you know this, but the screen just blanks and the game
> just locks.

Very nice game, it crashes quite often in exactly the way Fiaz  
described. I use BeebEm 3.0w on a Mac. It doesn't matter if I use the  
BBC emulation, or the Master, it just locks up with a blank screen  
and the cursor blinking in the lefthand top corner. I can play it for  
a few minutes so I got the look and feel of the game. Very nice indeed.


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