[BBC-Micro] A New Game for the Beeb!

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> > You know, every time the Escape key is pressed,
> the game crashes.  I
> > don't know if you know this, but the screen just
> blanks and the game
> > just locks.
> >
> Very nice game, it crashes quite often in exactly
> the way Fiaz  
> described. I use BeebEm 3.0w on a Mac. It doesn't
> matter if I use the  
> BBC emulation, or the Master, it just locks up with
> a blank screen  
> and the cursor blinking in the lefthand top corner.
> I can play it for  
> a few minutes so I got the look and feel of the
> game. Very nice indeed.
> Daniel

> It crashes because it needs write access to the Disk
> for the High score table to be read/written. It hangs
> waiting for access to the disk. In Beebem set the disk
> to be writeable and all will work fine ;-)

Bugger, I've checked that so many times, will look 
when I get a chance...

> Very good game BTW, it must have taken ages to code in
> assembler the routine to highlight the matching
> objects.

Was fairly difficult, had to make a software stack to 
cater for the number of possibilities. It shouldn't 
(with any luck) run into the actual code!

> I guess you are not allowed to remove 2 matching
> objects, as the game seems to require you to select
> one or the other! I can't get passed level 1 yet!

That's right it has to be three or more to not incur
a penalty. My girlfriend and can get to about level 
five...a hint pressing TAB gets you a different set
of randomness. Beware it resets the game to no score!


PS: Glad you all liked it and no negative responses
That's made my birthday!

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