[BBC-Micro] Curse of the long TUBE cable

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 20 19:40:36 GMT 2006

Pete Turnbull wrote:
>> a) render the cheese wedge redudant and thus lose some of that show-off
>> quality :)
> You may be right -- there may not be enough room in the cheese wedge for 
> two cards.  But if there is, you could still do this, just break the 
> links between the 5V rail and the 5V Faston tab on each, and fit the 
> switch there.

I expect that there is room; remember that the ARM copro with the memory 
expansion is two boards on atop the other. OK, so they'd sit closer together 
than two separate boards will, but I bet there's space. Heat may well be a 
problem, though...

I think I'd be tempted to find a basket-case wedge from somewhere and mount a 
small muffin fan in the back along with the switch.

If the PSU was a stock item and designed to cope with the 32016 / ARM boards 
then I expect it'd have no trouble driving a 6502 / Z80 combo.

>> c) raise questions about the capability of the model B power supply, which
>> is already running a floppy disc drive and an Econet upgrade.
> It has a fair amount of spare capacity.  I used to have one Beeb with 
> two floppies on the auxiliary connector, speech processor, a 
> fully-populated ATPL ROM board, Econet, internal Econet clock and 
> terminator, an EPROM programmer powered from the User Port, and the two 
> 2nd processors.

OK, that's probably a record :-)



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