[BBC-Micro] Curse of the long TUBE cable

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.plus.com
Thu Dec 21 08:49:10 GMT 2006

Richard Gellman wrote:

>> I've a lack of space beside my Model B as well but I have my Second
>> Processor standing on its side, with the feet pointing towards the Beeb.
>> The cable is just long enough to allow this and it still works great.
>> Maybe this is an option for you?
> Sadly not. Due to a depressing lack of space all round, the only place I
> can put my Model B is on a tray that slides out from under the the of the
> desk. This "tray" is only just about wide enough for the B itself, and its
> clearance is about 1/6th of that needed to stand the wedge on its side.

Sounds like the "keyboard shelf" on the trolley I use for one of my 
Beebs.  Your best option is probably to do what I did for that one: take 
the 2nd processor out of the wedge, set the links to power it from the 
Tube, and sit it at the side (or inside).  You can fit Molex KK pins and 
a jumper (or a switch) to turn it on and off.

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