[BBC-Micro] 2 x More Acorn Promo vids

Dave Moore dllm at usa.net
Fri Dec 29 17:16:07 GMT 2006

Hi all

Thanks to two kind subscribers to the Mailing List, I am able to offer a
further two Acorn promotional videos for download:

Archimedes Promo (10 mins, MPEG-1/VCD, 100Mb)
Mirror 1: http://www.filefactory.com/file/f1eea4/
Mirror 2:

Lots of nice shots of the Beeb in this one! :D

Thanks to Pete Turnbull, who loaned me his tape for transfer.

Making IT Work (20 mins, MPEG-1/VCD, 202Mb)
Mirror 1: http://www.filefactory.com/file/12d1d9/
Mirror 2:

A much later promo (1995) presented by Judith Hann, of Tomorrow's World fame.

My thanks to Paul Klintworth, who sent this video all the way from Canada!

If you can't get the above 'freebie' downloads to work, then standard download
links can be found on http://www.acornpreservation.org (but please use the
free file-hosting services if possible, to conserve my bandwidth).

I've also created a heavily-compressed (15Mb) xVid version of the Archie
promo, for any subscribers who may be on dial-up: 

And finally, here's a higher-quality (100Mb) xVid version of the Archimedes
one, especially for gArEtH bAbB. ;)

If you missed them the first time around, the following four videos are
already available for download at http://www.acornpreservation.org :

* Micro News Part 1 - Using Archimedes
* Micro News Part 2 - Archimedes A Technical Introduction
* A3000 - The Learning Curve
* The Home Computer Minefield

In all cases, I can provide MPEG-2 (i.e. DVD quality) versions on DVD-R, for
the cost of blank media and return postage. Just contact me off-list.

Cheers and HNY!


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