[BBC-Micro] Administrativia

James Fidell james at fidell.co.uk
Wed Oct 25 10:33:13 BST 2006

[Let's just hope this all works]

As promised some time ago, I've now moved the lists to a separate
machine and changed the email address to bbc-micro at lists.cloud9.co.uk.
Please update anything you need to appropriately.

I've done it in a bit of a rush, partly because of the spam issue that
has raised its head recently, but also because the server that the list
currently runs on is doing its level best to die painfully after seven
years of fairly painless service.

Any problems etc., please point them out -- I was up until stupid
o'clock this morning sorting all this out and I could barely focus
on the screen by the time I went to bed, so mistakes may have been


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