[BBC-Micro] A3010 with broken transformer...

Tony Noble tony.noble at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 20:23:26 GMT 2008

Hi folks,
First post on here - I hope this isn't a common one, I couldn't find the
info in the archives, anyway.

I managed to get hold of a A3010 courtesy of ebay.  Unfortunately, thanks to
a rather well known courier company, it arrived DOA.  Further investigation
revealed that it had obviously been dropped so hard that the transformer had
partially parted company with the PCB, snapping those extremely thin little
copper wires in the process.

I've unsoldered and removed the transformer and the PCB is intact, but I
don't think there's any way I can repair the transformer itself.  Does
anyone know where I could acquire a replacement?  Is it at all possible, or
am I chasing a lost cause here?

(I'm in the UK, if it makes any difference)

Any help would be much appreciated.


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