[BBC-Micro] Disc drive power

Peter Coghlan PCOGHLAN at vms.eurokom.ie
Tue Mar 18 13:42:01 GMT 2008

>Thanks to everyone who replied.  It sounds like this might be a dead
>duck.  I was trying to find a simple solution to the question I get asked
>a lot: how people can convert their old 5.25" discs to 3.5".  I already
>have some 3.5" drives for sale and thought I could use these for people
>to connect up to their existing 5.25" drive by crimping an extra connector
>on to the ribbon cable, but that doesn't deal with how the new drive
>would be powered.
>I know that the old drive could be dismantled and then the power lead
>re-wired to accommodate both drives but I was hoping for a simple
>plug-in-and-go solution for the non-technical people.

It is (or was) possible to get adaptor cables that go from the large power
connector found on 5.25" drives to the smaller one found on 3.5". They are
sold for pcs but they work just fine on beebs. One might be included in
a kit for mounting a 3.5" disk in a 5.25" hole for example.


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