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Tim Matthews tim.matthews at bbc.co.uk
Thu Mar 20 21:10:27 GMT 2008

> I had a good chat with David Allen a few months ago - he had 
> a lot of interesting stuff to tell about those days 
> (including the vastly different attitudes between Acorn and Sinclair)

Tease. What were they...?

> > There were
> > about three Atoms, three Electrons, a few Model Bs, some 
> Masters and 
> > an Archimedes. They also had the secondary CPU unit
> I think tNMoC supplied all the hardware, but I'm not sure 
> which copro was sent in the end. I was trying to get the 
> powers-that-be to send the System One too, but by the sounds 
> of it that didn't happen - it seems weird to me not to have 
> the 'first' on display as part of the event!
> Did the Domesday system not make it? That was supposed to be 
> there, too.

I guess a System One might have not been too interesting to the masses,
but Domesday Project surely would've been. Maybe they were focussing on
the how Hauser/Furber/Wilson and the BBC got the BBC Micro ball rolling,
rather than what else happened before and after.

> Consider me grumpy at being too far away to be able to attend 
> :-) I'm not really into the CCS goings-on most of the time, 
> but this is one I would have liked to have gone to.

I would have loved to have gone - if i'd known about it!

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