[BBC-Micro] Econet Terminator (circuit / wiring diagram)

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The picture looks like the insides of an SJ Plug.  Like I said, nothing
fancy required!  The good thing about Econet is that you can cobble
practically anything together to get a useable network.  I remember
my first Econet which was made with wire taken from the cord off an
old mouse, with 1-inch strips of paper clip soldered onto the ends and
then pushed into the DIN socket of the Beeb!

I still have the scar on my finger where the scissors slipped whilst
cutting up the paper clips....

Best wishes,


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On 23/03/2008, Andy Ford <acorn at acford.co.uk> wrote:
>  "A three-resistor divider chain, 1K0 at the top, 220R in the middle, 1K0
>  at the bottom, connected to ground (pin 2).  Data+ (pin 1) goes to the
>  to of the 220R, Data- (pin 4) goes to the lower end.  A pair of 56R
>  resistors goes from each of Clock+ (pin 3) and Clock- (pin 5) to the
>  top of the upper 1K0.  A 10 uF electrolytic goes from the junction of
>  the 2 x 56R and upper 1K0, to ground."
>  I just need to grab some veroboard (or something similar) at some point. I
>  have already made a couple of socket boxes and two terminator boxes (minus
>  the internals)

..that sounds like how mine are made - mounted inside a  DIN plug!
Well, it was once ... there's a picture of it with my DIY socket boxes

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