[BBC-Micro] Retro Software site launch

Sprow info at sprow.co.uk
Thu Mar 27 18:31:57 GMT 2008

In article <c9ae1fc80803270716o31615509wc5172c44960011a3 at mail.gmail.com>,
   samwise <samwise at bagshot-row.org> wrote:
> > How do I get posts to the forum to come to my email inbox, and how
> >  do I post to the forum via email?
> Is web access a real problem for you?  I believe Firefox is freely
> available for Risc OS and would allow you to post to the forum over
> the web and

I suspect it's not the web access that's the hard part, it's that if I'm
interested in say 30 different subjects I'd have to go and log in to all 30
forums (apologies to any Latin scholars) to see what'd changed.

With an email interface it all gets delivered at my door to digest at

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