[BBC-Micro] Finding file information from .zips

Jonathan Graham Harston jgh at arcade.demon.co.uk
Wed Jul 1 21:44:37 BST 2009

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Rick Murray wrote:
> Have I found software that will zip with paths from a RELATIVE path?
> Nope! WinZip's "include paths" starts from the root.
One of the first things I wrote into BBCZip was the ability to zip
from a specified directory /without/ putting that directory
reference in the ZIP file.
For instance, if my CSD is :User.$.JGH.Docs.Council I can do:
*zip out/zip ^.AFE -r and the output file contrains the pathnames
Addresses.BeaconHill, Addresses.Bradbury, etc., not
$.JGH.Docs.AFE.Address.BeaconHill, etc. Another thing I was amazed
didn't exist in other zip program was the ability to specifiy a
path in the archive, taking the above example, I can do:
*zip out/zip ^.AFE -r -p JGH.Docs.AFE and the output file will
contain filenames JGH.Docs.AFE.Addresses.BeaconHill, etc. IE, I can
zip up a small branch of the directory tree, and still have the
full directory tree names in it. On other platforms you need a
writable media and enough storage space to copy evething you want
to zip up into a temporary location artifically created with the
required pathnames and zip that up.
> I don't know who, for my memory for names is really dreadful, but
> I recall reading only a short time ago that somebody still used
> their Beeb for email. Now there's dedication for you!
That's me. Not dedication, but more that it's there and it works
and does everything I need it to do.
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