[BBC-Micro] BeebEm AUN RC1

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Sat Jul 4 22:17:59 BST 2009

Ok, for those of you who want to play....


(yeah, i know there's a typo in there, but I've only just noticed
after already uploading it ...)

This is just the changed file - if you don't already have BeebEm 4.02,
go download it from the usualy place.

Copy Econet.cfg and AUNMap to your local BeebEm data folder (usually
My documents/BeebEm) - if you do not have a local LAN or it's not
using 192.168.0.x you will have to open AUNMap in Wordpad/Notepad and
edit the last line accordingly.

You'll probably want to look at Econet.cfg as well, as most of my
notes about how things work are in the top of that!  there are some
timing fields to play with in there, too. if things don't seem to want
to work.

Then just run BeebEm.exe !

This is still unfinished; noteably broadcasts still don't work, along
with some inter-station tools like *notify, but it logs into a
fileserver, and loads/saves/opens/reads/writes etc etc.. Everything
you would do "normally".   Max file size for loads etc is 16K - this
is a buffer issue and will be increased.  Seems UDP can quite hapilly
send massive packets, it just fragments them invisibly during

Have fun, and give me some feedback!


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