[BBC-Micro] eBay Pricing Psychology Discussion - was Re:

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 6 15:15:37 BST 2009

David Hunt wrote:
> I wonder what 380z's are worth

Hard to say for sure. Maybe 50 quid for a black one. Blue slightly higher, 
white higher still.

 > I've got two and a
> "Winchester Disc" under the bed...

Sadly I had to give my Winchester away (it's at TNMoC, though, so went to a 
good home) as it'd just be way to heavy to ship across the Pond (I kept one 
loaded 380Z, though). I think yours is the only other 'survivor' that I've 
heard of in the last 15 years of mucking around with RML stuff...



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