[BBC-Micro] Econet over UTP ?

Ian Wolstenholme bbcmailinglist at beebmaster.co.uk
Wed Jul 8 09:37:22 BST 2009

I would be interested in some of these new socket boxes, possibly quite
a few.  I've only got four new SJ Research socket boxes, and various other
bits of dodgy wiring (a la Byte-Back), so it would be handy to have some 
spares for the ever diminishing prospect of that "future expansion"

I get lots of enquiries about Econet socket boxes, so I think if it good batch
was produced, they could be shifted easily enough.

Best wishes,


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Phil Blundell wrote:
> So, current spec approximately as follows...
> 2 DIN sockets on front edge
> 2 RJ45 sockets on sides
> Either or both RJ45s can be replaced with internal Krone punchdown
> blocks, per request from Rob.  (You can't have the RJ45 and Krone on the
> same side though, since the footprints overlap.)
> You can split the box in half, i.e. isolate the two sides from each
> other, by cutting some links on the back of the board.  This gives you a
> similar configuration to the SJ "split socket box".
> One or two sets of termination components can be installed on the board.
> Obviously, installing two sets is only useful in the split configuration
> unless you are building a very small network :-)
> Any more takers?
Yep, put me down for a couple!


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