[BBC-Micro] Image2BBC

Darren Izzard zysyshelp at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 00:09:00 BST 2009

Whatever happened to the utility mentioned on this page? (nb. Some non-work-safe pics on it unfortunately.) http://www.acornelectron.co.uk/eug/revs/dreamland/r-imag.html

The download links on acornelectron.co.uk all seem broken, and Google doesn't list any other site.

While I'm at it, does any one know of any conversion utilities to BBC screen dumps other than Image2BBC, Retro-X or my own old and creaky PPM2BBC?

Although Retro-X converts to BBC screens quite well, the current version (Alpha 8) does crash when saving MODE 2 screens, and although the author tells me he's fixed it in Alpha 9, I'd still like a working, good-quality converter for MODE 2.


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