[BBC-Micro] Master Ethernet upgrade

c.j.thornley at coolrose.fsnet.co.uk c.j.thornley at coolrose.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Jul 10 09:15:55 BST 2009

> I wanted to carefully avoid an external Econet to Ethernet bridge as I know
> that's something Phil/Mark are working on. This kit is something different
> and I hope non overlapping

Everyone keeps on referring to the Econect-Ethernet device as a bridge but technically it not, it would be called a router as it will have to operate at layer 3? Especially if there IP protocols involved and some form of IOS and a mangement system will have to be writen and appropiate access either via console or a webinterface.

>  Please note: for electrical reasons this upgrade can only be fitted to a
>  Master or Master Compact,
>  Sprow.

Could some for external power connector be fashioned?

Which ethernet chip have you used?

Also I presume you can mount shares to drivres ie 5.$ etc.
Does file name / type conversion happen in software to inf files?
Can the device authenticate and connect to username / password protected shares?

Is there any provison to share devices on the BBC side with the PC. floppy, harddisk, other filesystems etc


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>    Michael Firth  wrote:
> > > Please note: for electrical reasons this upgrade can only be fitted to a
> > > Master or Master Compact,
> > > Sprow.
> >
> > The question that springs to my mind first is whether a version could be
> > produced that connected to the 1MHz bus instead, to allow either
> > connection
> > to a BBC B/B+, or for a Master to have both the Ethernet interface and an
> > Econet module fitted, to allow some form of bridging?
> > Presumably even the Econet hosted version would not be able to keep up
> > with
> > a full rate 100Mbit/s transfer, as it only has 2MHz x 8 bits = 16Mbit/s
> > bandwidth available to it?
> Correct: 10/100Mbps is the link rate, actual useful payload is ultimately
> governed by the 6512 so even 16Mbps is unlikely (afterall, you'd need some
> instructions in between the 2MHz accesses). The ethernet chip has some
> decent FIFOs in it so can offload some of the work.
> For LANManFS, load/save speeds are of the order of 10/15 kilobytes per
> second in version 0.25,
> Sprow.
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