[BBC-Micro] Master Ethernet upgrade

Mark Usher mu.list at aon.at
Fri Jul 10 10:31:07 BST 2009

> 1. Bridge Mode. Translation to a flat network as per AUN/!Gateway. 
> i.e. a whole Class C subnet maps to an Econet network x - although 
> this will be configurable to a subnet unlike the AUN which was fixed 
> to 1.2.x.y
> 2. NAT Mode - the ability to map single IP addresses into an Econet
net.station, possibly combined with (1) overriding some of the mapped
> 1 & 2 also translate from the 4 way handshake to AUN 2 way.
> 3. Econet over IP.

> 4. IP over Econet :-)

Lmao. Oh yeah. And that! Also, because the device operates with a stack, it
will be perfectly possible to add on other services for the (econet)
network, such as a proxy service for SMTP/http, or a file server etc etc.
This would then be available for all devices on a network. 

So call it what you want, but Bridge is the convenient term that
encapsulates the multi-faceted functionality.


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