[BBC-Micro] Master Compact Drive Cable

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DFS 2.26 or 2.29 will work on the Compact.  I think Acorn supplied 
DFS 2.29 on the Compact Welcome Disc.

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> Slightly off topic but while I am here, I had a vague idea about using
> DFS on this machine too (although I do not mind really if I cannot), but
> while I had the units in bits, I popped in my spare Watford DDFS 1.54T
> that I had lying around, although attempting to access a disk just hung,
> as though the drive was not actually present. I wonder if I should get
> another Acorn 1770 DFS blown and use that (unless I have missed something)

WEDDFS 1.54T is written for a BBC B, and the Master has the FDC address and 
control latch at different locations, so if definately won't work. You need 
to get the DFS that comes with OS 3.20 (or 3.50?) and blow that on a 
separate ROM, I think that will work, altho I've not tried it.


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