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Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Sat Jul 18 13:59:38 BST 2009


I recently got a printer-scanner-all-in-one printer. An Epson I think? 
DJ-150? It is so new I can't remember the model number! I'll write about 
it on my b.log soon.

Anyway, it has this cool feature where you can monochrome scan stuff to 
a JPEG or PDF. Then it asks "Next page?" so I just ran through about 
120-odd pages of the EuroCCT documentation and hey presto it's a 
complete copy of the documentation for the EuroCCT. And, perhaps the 
best bit, it isn't massive - 6Mb.

Anyway, the EuroCCT is the SAA527x (I think - memory again). It's the 
IIC teletext receiver three-chip design (EuroCCT/VIP2/SRAM) used in the 
Ground Control/Octopus teletext adaptor. I suspect the majority of 
teletext receivers (Morley, etc?) use the same sort of hardware. This is 
second generation, unlike the BBC micro cheese slice that was first gen.

I have not found a lot of info on this on-line, so I thought making a 
PDF of this handbook would be a useful thing - especially if you are 
tinkering with one such receiver. Do it while teletext still exists, 
you've only got a year or so left! :-( [*]

It is not linked to any page, the direct URL is:

Best wishes,


* - you can get English language news/info from the Irish RTE. Ignore 
the channel being encrypted, teletext still gets through.
For those with dual LNBs or dishes to 19.2, teletext is still going on 
various French(TV5/arte)/German(numerous)/Italian(RAI1) services. I get 
a lot of my UK news off BBC World's teletext - it's quicker than BBCi!

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