[BBC-Micro] FileStore battery

Mark Haysman jumbos.bazzar at btopenworld.com
Fri Jul 17 11:46:39 BST 2009

> I've got an A3000 about to finish on eBay right now, in which I
> modified the battery arrangements. The soldered-on cell looked OK from
> the top, but on closer inspection was very fuzzy underneath.
> Surprisingly there was no damage at all the the PCB! I found a mention
> on a forum of it being a 1.2V cell, so I soldered an AA cell to some
> wires, wrapped it in tape, soldered the wires to the board and stuck
> in down the left-hand side of the keyboard, much like the battery pack
> in a Master (except this one retains its rechargeable capability).


I usually replace those batteries with Varta 3V150H. They are 3.6v MiMH 
cells, rather than 1.2v NiCD, but as they trickle charge through a resistor 
connected to 5v, then they still charge just fine, and the PCD8583 is well 
within tolerance, and will hold the clock longer as well, as the battery is 
decaying from 3.6v instead of 1.2v.

The 3V150 also directly fits the holes in the PCBs for most of the Arcs too. 
You can use a 2V150H as well if you want to stratch the legs out, or even a 
1V150H if you prefer to keep the same voltage, but I find the 3V150H do a 
faultless job.


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