[BBC-Micro] Current List of Exhibitors @ Acorn World 2009 (Sept12/13, Huddersfield)

Joel Rowbottom joel at jml.net
Tue Jul 21 09:39:56 BST 2009

Hey youse guys --

On Tue, 21 Jul 2009 00:52:07 +0100, Joel Rowbottom <joel at jml.net> wrote:

>> Yeah, it's wretched luck that the dates had to coincide with Ian's
>> trip to the proms. :-(
> Oh **£*^$ *&%*$!($! *%!*$%*!^%$&@... it's the same day?
> I think I may have a problem here...

On further research, I can still do the show because I live reasonably
close however I will need someone else to 'take care' of the MDFS and
Domesday in my absence please as I will have to come first thing in the
morning, set up, then go and sort some stuff out in Leeds before returning
for a while, then leave at 4:30pm-ish.

(It's our annual Last Night party at home, we already have a houseful of
guests and I do the catering so it's not something I can easily shift. I'm
pretty convinced it was the week after, at least that's what my diary

I'll be there all day Sunday though.


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