[BBC-Micro] Econet Clocks and Modules

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Fri Jul 24 20:01:48 BST 2009

I've been having fun and games wth my real-econet today... trying to
isolate what's working, what's not, and why...   I seem to have two
rock solid Model Bs, some unreliable Masters, and an unresponsive

Quick questions ...

Why would a Master 128 talk very very very slowly (10-15 secs to reply
to *I AM) to a Model B running L2 whereas another Model B logs in
instantly?  Faulty module?  Clock speed?

Can I just plug a lead into one socket on an acorn clock box 2, or do
I need to use both, and is it because I left one empty that I was
getting Line Jammed errors with both boxes?


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