[BBC-Micro] Fw: Fwd: ITV Teletext to shut down in January

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Sun Jul 26 01:43:45 BST 2009

On 26/07/2009, Mick Champion <rs423 at rs432.net> wrote:
> (thanks for that info Brian)  . I wonder if the 5 companies will still
> have to tender for the old 15 regions the end of the term assuming there
> are any bidders or terms anymore. I can't find any info on this. I guess
> I'll have to write to OfCon.

Looks like ITV Broadcasting Ltd, for example, holds each licence
individually.. so I presume they will have to bid for them
individually again..

> than go walk the dog. On those companies not bound by OfCon rules such
> as Virgin1, the adverts seem to go on forever. As a result, I absolutely
> NEVER watch anything live from them, relying on the PVR to skip 3
> minutes when the ads come on.

Virgin 1 is most definitely regulated by OfCom, as is any station
broadcast *from* the UK, even if it's not broadcast *to* the UK...
(Some Swedish channels occasionally crop up in the Broadcast

They do however make a distinction between Public Service Broadcasters
("the BBC, Channel 3/ITV1, GMTV, Channel 4, Five, S4C and Teletext")
and "everybody else", who get to put out a lot more adverts than the
PSBs... PLus trailers and sponsor messages don't count as adverts. .
I agree though!  Very seldom do we watch anything not recorded in
advance by the TiVo or Sky boxes..


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