[BBC-Micro] A new Element 14

Mick Champion rs423 at rs432.net
Wed Jul 29 01:10:04 BST 2009

> >Darren Grant wrote:
>> another company that now licenses Argos to use the name on electrical
>> equipment.
> Rick Murray wrote:
> That was probably quite a good commercial move for everybody except the 
> original owners of Wharfdale, but who cared about them afterwards? I 
> knew the company had either sold out or been bought out or something 
> when the brand started turning up in Argos catalogues!

It might be a good commercial move with your exceptions listed, but 
don't forget the gullible customers like me... I'm embarrassed to say 
that I purchased a Wharfedale TFT TV from AreGoes around 4 -5 years ago. 
I thought it to be a real steal at only a penny under 100 Sovs 
considering the brand name. <hit me someone> Seconds into my new 
acquisition, a major cause of irritation revealed itself. Every time I 
used the forward or reverse search feature on the VCR, the TV blue 
screened. What is it with this blue screen nonsense anyway? Are we so 
soft that we must be shielded from a screen full of white noise at any 
cost? Does white noise cause epileptic fits or something?!?  Why blue? 
Is blue supposed to be calming? One dropped frame, and this thing got 
the blues that's for sure! Grrrrr!!!!

3 days later, we went on our holiday. On returning home a week later (me 
armed with goodies from the boot sale at Penrith that included an Acorn 
Electron, Plus 3 with 3.5 inch floppy drive - a genuine steal for a 
fiver  ;-) ), I switched the TV on and was granted my wish. White noise 
on the screen :-) Fortunately, that's all it did from then on. Yippee! 
(So much for the two little sticky quality control labels affixed, and 
the quality brand name?) With a valid excuse, I returned the box of junk 
for a refund, and to this day, happily watch my television on a 
dedicated PC, ancient monitor and TV card with teletext.

Back to identities,  it saddens my heart to see the home page for 
http://www.acorncomputers.co.uk showing the old Acorn logo on the left, 
and to the right, "Acorn recommends Windows Vista Home Premium & Vista 
Ultimate".  This recommendation alone should serve as a warning that 
this is nowt to do with the original Acorn, logo or not. Forget the fact 
it's recommending a Micro$haft product, but Vista? Come on.! It is 
unfortunately fact, that if a company folds, all it's assets are up for 
grabs, just look a "http://www.woolworths.co.uk" for one example. As we 
all know, the Woolies went bust last Christmas, now another is trading 
with its name and using its logo if only on-line. At least the BBC owl 
logo is sacred....... For now at least.



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