[BBC-Micro] A new Element 14

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Wed Jul 29 19:49:27 BST 2009

Mick Champion wrote:

> don't forget the gullible customers like me... I'm embarrassed to say 
> that I purchased a Wharfedale TFT TV from AreGoes around 4 -5 years ago. 

Surely that ALONE would have been a clue?

> cost? Does white noise cause epileptic fits or something?!?  Why blue? 
> Is blue supposed to be calming? One dropped frame, and this thing got 
> the blues that's for sure! Grrrrr!!!!

French telly used to (can't speak for now) fade to blue. My VCR blues
upon no input. My TV capture card does too.

I think "white" is sharp and not nice to the eyes.
Black, which is logical, is not good either as it could be mistaken for off.
Blue clearly means "on and no input", in absense of an actual pop-up
saying "No input!"...

> I switched the TV on and was granted my wish. White noise on the screen :-)

Gee, quality stuff there!

> Back to identities,  it saddens my heart to see the home page for 
> http://www.acorncomputers.co.uk showing the old Acorn logo on the left,

Whoa, they are using the logo as well?!?

> and to the right, "Acorn recommends Windows Vista Home Premium & Vista 
> Ultimate".


> but Vista? Come on.!

Vista so sux.
I'm really glad Azumi came with XP, even if Microsoft's update server
then fed me around 140Mb of updates!

> At least the BBC owl logo is sacred....... For now at least.

Could be a dangerous game. So many people I used to speak to knew of
Acorn as "that clunky computer with the red keys across the top".

Like in their alternate history none of the ARM range existed...

Best wishes,


Rick Murray, irregular internet access at local library.
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