[BBC-Micro] Morley Teletext Adapter

Mike Tomlinson mike at jasper.org.uk
Sun Jun 7 19:00:56 BST 2009

In article <d8834d20906070809o48afd079xb8e2b870c5948802 at mail.gmail.com>,
Alex Taylor <zeem.uk at googlemail.com> writes

>But I never got the tuning indicator to show any signal at all - maybe
>because I didn't have any aerial and I was using a long piece of wire
>stuffed into the centre pin and trailed over to the window.

That'll never work with the Acorn unit.  It needs a good strong signal.

> I thought
>it ought to have had some kind of signal showing, but now I've read
>this I'm wondering if it might actually work if I used a proper roof

It probably will, unless any of the tants you removed were used in the
tuning cctry instead of PSU decoupling.

I also seem to remember that tuners need a 30v stabilised voltage to
work; don't know how it is generated in the Acorn unit (if at all) but
again, if you've removed the wrong tant, it might cause loss of tuning.

Finally, you need to turn the tuning knobs very, very slowly.

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