[BBC-Micro] Morley Teletext Adapter

David Hunt dm.hunt at ntlworld.com
Mon Jun 8 23:39:58 BST 2009

> The SVHS video recorder has arrived, but not the SVHS tapes.  However
> it can also record in SVHS "ET" mode (nothing to do with the 1982 film
> apparently) and I've been able to receive Teletext through the Morley
> adapter using a video recording with pretty good reception, so I am very
> hopeful once the SVHS tapes arrive.
> I tried an old tape from 1990, which handily dated itself by having a
> trailer for BBC Proms 90 recorded on it, but, as expected, there was
> nothing.

I had a Panasonic S-VHS VCR with ET. All it means is that you can record
S-VHS quality on standard VHS tapes. It saved me a fortune at the time. I
gave the machine away about five years ago. It does record Teletext though,
I remember recording Teletext before the cable service went digital and lost
all Teletext signals, so I could play about with the Teletext Adapter. It
worked very well; on the TV I even got some animated pages that Ch.4 used to
broadcast. Happy daze.

You should get something from the old tape; it will obviously be loads of
gobbledygook ;)



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