[BBC-Micro] Retro Software: first release - Zap!

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Wed Jun 10 22:09:25 BST 2009


A little over a year ago we launched a fan software label with the
intentions of encouraging development of some new BBC micro games.  We
had kindly words of encouragement from list members back then, and a
few requests for us to keep you updated.

There's been a lot of work going on since then, and we've kicked off a
decent number of projects.  Some have stalled, but others are ticking
along quite nicely.  In fact, and the reason for posting, is that
we've finally reached our first commercial release - a shoot-'em'-up
called Zap!

Zap! is by Jamie Woodhouse, the author of Quak on Superior Software's
Play It Again Sam 10 compilation from back in 1989.  It's inspired by
Tekhan/Tecmo's Star Force and is in the style of Namco's classic
arcade game, Galaga.  It's also pretty darn challenging, as attendees
to the recent Byte Back and Retro Computer Museum Open Day events can

It's officially been launched for the BBC B/B+/Master and Master
Compact - you can find some pics of the first cassettes and discs up
at the Zap! page: http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/zap

You'll also find there screenshots, video and more information,
including ordering details - it's available in the traditional formats
(Cassette, 5.25” DFS Disc and 3.5” ADFS Disc) and costs just £2 - £3,
depending on format.  A small CD package with an emulator image will
be available soon.

Anyway, we hope you'll take a look at the Zap! homepage and consider
placing an order to encourage all our hobbyist developers to stick it
through to the end of their projects.  Even if shoot-'em-ups aren't
generally your thing, Zap! is actually a pretty good one for the Beeb
and, I think I'm right in saying, this is /the/ #1 best-selling new
BBC Micro game of 2009.  :)

A bit of small print - Retro Software is wholly a not-for-profit
organisation and the cover price of each release is split between the
cost of production, royalties to the author and, if there's anything
left, into a fund for advertising Retro Software.

Please keep an eye on www.retrosoftware.co.uk for info on all our
other titles in development (including several freeware games) - and,
please, do stop by to leave the devs some feedback in the forums, if
you like what you see.

Many thanks,


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