[BBC-Micro] Retro Software: first release - Zap!

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Thu Jun 11 12:05:24 BST 2009

Hey, guys.

Sounds like I was preaching to the converted.  I'm glad you all sound
like you're happy with your purchases.  :)  A lot of time, energy and
- more significantly - money went in to making them look as
professional as we could.

P. Van Ek, I think you may have missed that there /is/ a business card
CD in the works - as mentioned in my first post - which will contain
an SSD image and be directly usable from an emulator.  We're just
struggling to source some additional cases atm, which is the only
reason that this version wasn't available at launch.  If you drop an
interested email to Dave M, details on the site, he'll be happy to get
back to you when the package is ready shortly.

For those who have requested a downloadable SSD only, the general idea
behind the site is based around a finished physical product (well, for
 the commercial releases), so that you actually get something for your
money.  Plus we're also trying to restrict the chances of having an
SSD getting out into the wilds of the internet, as I'm sure you'll

That said, it's a hobbyist label - if you drop Dave a PM or email,
he'll be happy to sort something out for you.  The whole point is to
get people playing the game, whatever their setup is!


2009/6/11 Old Pete <peterbilt at gmail.com>:
> Hi,
> This looks great, I will buy at least the disk version of this; possibly the
> master and tape versions as well.
> I personally prefer these to the download version, but feel it should be
> available to download.
> Regards,
> Paul.
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