[BBC-Micro] Retro Software: first release - Zap!

samwise samwise at bagshot-row.org
Thu Jun 11 13:14:18 BST 2009

> It's worth pointing out that slot-loading drives, as used on all Macs except
> the Mac Pro, only accept full-sized 12cm CDs and won't be able to use the
> business card type.

Hmm ... that's good to know.  I haven't yet seen one of the business
cards, but perhaps we shall therefore need a fall-back option.  We
could either send the ssd via download/email or replace with a full
size CD option.  I'll pass that on to the production dept to think
about, thanks!

> Perhaps you could justify a full-size CD by including some freely
> distributable BBC emulators, and maybe some other beeb games that can be
> freely copied.

It'll almost certainly come with a Windows emulator, tho whether Mac
emulators are as easy to distribute, I'm not sure, not owning one.
We'll also certainly try to do something to make more use of the
available space, tho I doubt we'll come anywhere close to filling it


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