[BBC-Micro] Morley Teletext Adapter

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Wed Jun 10 23:44:29 BST 2009

Ian Wolstenholme wrote:

> I think the trouble with the Acorn teletext adapter is that the tuning dials
> mean that you've got no idea what frequency you are on, so you just have
> to keep twiddling till you get something.

This is further complicated by the Acorn tuning twiddlies being
extremely 'loose'. If they had a little bit of stick to them, you could
set a frequency and that'd be good. However with the Acorn adaptor, you
almost fear moving the unit could throw off the tuning!

> With the Morley one, the tuning is done by software so you get a display
> of the channel and frequency.

Is it based upon the SAA524x? It always seemed to me to be odd that the
Acorn adaptor was built around the older first generation system rather
than the EuroCCT? Perhaps the original design dates back to the Atom?

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