[BBC-Micro] Morley Teletext Adapter

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Thu Jun 11 00:01:39 BST 2009

Joel Rowbottom wrote:

> I know some satellite (DVB-S) services still carry analogue teletext
> transmissions, so I have no reason to believe DVB-T would be any different.

>> pressing the text button on one of the five main TV channels, should get
 >> you back to the old-style Ceefax and Teletext services."

 From experience:

* SkyDigibox (Pace BSkyB 2500)
   Pressing "text" goes to text-based services on ITV and, I think,
   SkyNews. These are teletext-like (the ITV one is called teletext!)
   but not teletext as can be used by the Acorn/Morley adaptors.
   On other channels with interactive, "text" may do nothing or it may
   behave similarly to pressing the red button.
   For old-style teletext, the Digibox puts such into the VBI.

* Goodmans 100SD FreeSat receiver
   The "text" button only appears to work on the ITV teletext channel (I
   think 984 going from memory? it's at the end of the EPG...). It would
   appear that this receiver doesn't put teletext into the VBI.

* SilverCrest SL-65 receiver
   Has no support for interactive services or EPG (maybe some obscure
   German service works? I don't watch 19.2E much now that NHK World is
   on 28.2E!). It either puts teletext into the VBI, or it can display
   teletext itself with something ridiculous like a many-thousand-page
   memory. Doesn't save multiple pages of a carousel, only the 'current'
   one, but otherwise it can load up the *entire* service as quickly as
   the page numbering cycles around. Such a cool feature!

BBC, ITV (any of them), Channel 4. Subtitling on page 888.

BBC 2 - very reduced service, some channel listings. Not much worth 
looking at.

BBC World (19.2E) - news and schedules. I often pop by p104 to 124 as it 
is a lot quicker than swapping receivers to fire up BBCi.

five - if you see nothing, the main index for this is p500. Today's 
programmes are on p501. Tomorrow on p502. Today's films on p512.

> So perhaps it's not going to die out with analogue, or it still
 > has a little bit of life left in the old dog.

Most of the BBC services pop up an index page that says the Ceefax 
service has been replaced by an interactive service.

The ITV services will look blank-screen-empty until you try page 888.

As far as I can ascertain, none of the mainstream channels transmit the 

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