[BBC-Micro] mystery ROMs

Theo Markettos theom+news at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Sat Jun 20 01:20:46 BST 2009

David Hunt <dm.hunt at ntlworld.com> wrote:
> The Churchill College ROM is utility and menu. Put it into a language ROM
> position and switch on the Beeb and you're presented with a Churchill
> College Menu that allows you to format and verify discs, reset the Beeb, set
> up a printer by sending it some control codes (probably to reset it back to
> defaults), reset the Beeb and go to some other ROMs that would have been in
> the machines at the time.

The help is slightly interesting... it implies that the PHX ROM was used for
(presumably?) linemode terminal access to the Phoenix mainframe, and the
SSMP ROM used for fullscreen editing on Phoenix using ZED (the Cambridge
editor for the IBM 370).

"Dr Tristram" referred would be Andrew Tristram (agt3 at cam), a mathematician,
still at Churchill:

Phil, do you fancy submitting them to The BBC Lives?  I doubt there would be
any copyright issues.


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