[BBC-Micro] Finding file information from .zips

info at sprow.co.uk info at sprow.co.uk
Wed Jun 24 14:29:17 BST 2009

> Just a very quick question. I "know" this has been answered before
> (sorry) but I am unable to find it to familiarise myself.
> Basically, if you grab a .zip containing a few files and then extract
> the .zip on Windows, although the files are present attempting to add
> them to either ADFS / DFS explorer or BBC explorer, there is no
> information (load and exec addresses etc)

If you're lucky the person putting it into the ZIP will have encoded the
load/exec addresses in the special data in the file catalogue (if you open
the ZIP in a hex editor or similar, look for the 'ARC' signature).

On an Acorn, !SparkFS does this, and my unzip tool will also restore the
attributes for you


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