[BBC-Micro] Only one beep

info at sprow.co.uk info at sprow.co.uk
Sat Jun 27 09:26:38 BST 2009

> On 26 Jun 2009, at 19:52, info at sprow.co.uk wrote:
>> The second "bip" sound is just a VDU 7 which is embedded in the string
>> reporting the RAM size ("16K<7>" or "32K<7>"), which is why there is
>> no "bip" on a soft break, because the RAM size is not printed.
> Is that why you don't get the second beep when you boot off the 6502
> tube? For some reason the tube banner lacks the VDU 7?

Correct, the tube startup banner just has "64K".
Whether that was an intentional omission is something we'll probably never

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