[BBC-Micro] eBay Pricing Psychology Discussion - was Re: reading data from old hard disk

Mark Usher mu.list at aon.at
Sun Jun 28 11:58:31 BST 2009

> I had this happen to me, as the seller.  Listed a pile of baby clothes
> starting at 99p.. and that's what they sold at.  Buyer wanted to
> collect, and as I'd said they could on the listing, I had to let her.
> But then she paid by Paypal!! So I got hit with their charges as
> well...  Argh!  

Which on the flip side is good, as it means you've been paid. Some people
say they are going to come and collect and pay cash and then never turn up.
6 of 1... etc etc Appreciate on some of the low value sales it's not great,
but on a high value it can save a lot of hassle.

It's a case of factoring it all in. Otherwise you just make a "bleeding
loss" and get fired in the boardroom :-)


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