[BBC-Micro] 32016 2nd Processor PSU smoking...

Alex Taylor zeem.uk at googlemail.com
Sun Jun 28 18:12:35 BST 2009

I've previously bent the legs outwards to fit, with a RIFA branded
one. Maplins seems to sell WIMA branded ones which have very short
legs, so I can't use them like that.

Speaking of X2 caps, Beebs and Maplins, yesterday I phoned Maplins in
Lincoln to check the stock on two different sizes of these caps,
because I'm replacing them in two Beebs that went bang at the RCM
event. The website stock checker didn't seem to do anything. They said
they had two of the smaller ones and four of the larger ones (I think
I ended up checking for 0.22uF ones in the 22.5mm pitch, because they
only have 0.1uF ones in the 15mm pitch). I drove 15 miles there, at
which point they said they didn't have any of the 0.22uF ones. They
blamed a 'stock error' for this annoying waste of my time.

For some reason I'm now wondering why I didn't ask if they'd got two
larger capacitance ones in the 22.5mm pitch.

Alex Taylor

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