[BBC-Micro] 32016 2nd Processor PSU smoking...

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Mon Jun 29 20:15:34 BST 2009

In article <4A48793F.6070308 at quantums.info>,
   Jim Hearne <jim at quantums.info> wrote:
> For this application a larger capacitance (than the original) capacitor 
> would work fine, a smaller one would have less filtering effect.

In conjunction with an inductor (making a 2nd order filter) "less" is
probably the wrong word. It would move the resonant frequency, quite
possibly to a frequency where no noise existed anyway.

eg. a 50kHz switcher might tune L & C to be at 50kHz
Doubling C would move to 25kHz (where there was no energy) and let through
all the nasty 50kHz onto the line.

So I stick to my original comment:

> >>> What purpose would replacing them with the wrong value serve, other 
> >>> than to fill the holes on the PCB?


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