[BBC-Micro] mystery ROMs

Rick Murray rick at rs432.net
Tue Jun 23 23:27:22 BST 2009


I have a box here with some (EP)ROMs in. If anybody is interested, I
will extract copies the next time I have the EPROM programmer running
(don't hold your breath - I'm not certain where the A5000's keyboard is!
but I'll put a post-it in the ROM box and the ROM box with the


   [EPROM  27128] Spellcheck III   SBA 84A7
   [EPROM  27128] DNFS "Blown under licence from Acorn Computers Ltd"
   [EPROM   2764] Turtle
   [EPROM 27C256] InterWORD [1]
   [EPROM  27128] AMPLE   ID 63347
   [ROM]          2201,1770-08  BBC 1770 DFS
   [EPROM  27128] ADFS 2
   [EPROM   2764] Wordwise
   [EPROM  27128] AMX S.A.
   [EPROM   2764] NLQ
   [EPROM  27128] Advanced Teletext ROM 2.58
   [EPROM   [2] ] ARM ADT

1 - I will remove the label and rip Interword directly from EPROM, but
it may fail in an emulator as it is mounted on some sort of carrier
board which looks like it is somehow fiddling with the addressing, for
it's a bigger EPROM than normal.

2 - This may or may not be for the BBC. It's an Intel EPROM marked:
       i 3407-0391

Sorry, I cannot give software versions - I'm looking at a pile of EPROMs!

I also have a bunch of 'blank' EPROMs which may or may not contain
stuff. If there is a "(C)" in the start of the EPROM (around +8 or
somesuch? that's the BBC ROM ID isn't it?) I'll save out these as well...

Rick Murray, irregular internet access at local library.
BBC B: DNFS, 2 x 5.25" floppies, EPROM prog, Acorn TTX
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