[BBC-Micro] Events 2010, Q1/Q2

Dave Moore dllm at usa.net
Wed Feb 3 14:04:02 GMT 2010

From: jgh at arcade.demon.co.uk (Jonathan Graham Harston)
> "Dave Moore" wrote:
> > 3) Retro Rewind
> > Sheffield, 10-11 April 2010
> > Homepage: http://www.retrorewind.com
> > STH Forum Thread:
> > http://www.stairwaytohell.com/sthforums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2855
> > Estimated 8-bit Acorn presence: Small
> Sheffield? Hey, I live in Sheffield! That's near enough that I
> could fill a taxi with crap^Wjunk^Wcomputer equipment and actually
> get there!

'Fraid this one won't be like Stoke/Huddersfield ... 

I attended one of the organiser's planning sessions late last year (as did
Joel R) and it was made pretty clear that he didn't really want
hardware/techie/curiousity exhibits, as he wants the emphasis to be on
'communal gaming' (competitions, multiplayer console games etc). Hence he's
targeting attendees that will be happy to spend the bulk of the weekend
playing video games against one another.

I've had the okay to bring my BBC, Electron and A3010 (all loaded with games)
but I strongly suspect that'll be it in terms of Acorn systems.

But if you don't mind tapping away on Joypads all day (as opposed to AMX
mice!) then by all means come along! :)  

(Incidentally, myself and a few others do intend to stage a big retro event
towards the end of the year, and if that materialises, then I may well decide
to tack another 'Acorn World' onto that, if there's interest?!).


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