[BBC-Micro] Acorn World - pulse check

Dave Moore dllm at usa.net
Wed Feb 3 14:23:39 GMT 2010

Ok, quick show of hands, please!

ref: http://www.acornworld.co.uk

If I put on another 'Acorn World' show, would you come? 

Obviously, the number of responses will help me gauge whether all the effort
would be worthwhile.

It would be a similar arrangement to the first one i.e. two-day weekend event
(bolted onto the end of a larger gaming/retro computing do) showcasing the
latest hardware designs and (hopefully) featuring guest speakers too.

Location-wise we'd be talking Midlands or Blackpool (Blackpool being the
current preferred choice). 

Before the Southern contingent start complaining, we had been hoping to do
something in London, and after receiving quotes from numerous venues, had
agreed a fee and even gone as far as producing floorplans. But two weeks ago
our sponsors dropped out, so we've had to knock the idea of a Southern show on
the head (unless, that is, anyone fancies coughing up the £8,000k+ (!) which
seems to be the going rate for a 2-day hire on even the most basic of
conference halls in and around the capital).

Also, I know it's a bit late now, but I'd welcome any feedback from those who
went to Huddersfield i.e. what you think worked well, what didn't, how it
could be improved, whether each day could be more structured etc (e.g.
workshops, group activities, setting community project 'goals' etc). 

I don't mind if replies are sent directly to me, or to the list (even if you
thought the show was crap and everything you have to say is negative! ;) ). 


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