[BBC-Micro] Acorn World - pulse check

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 15:58:49 GMT 2010

Dave Moore wrote:
> Ok, quick show of hands, please!
> ref: http://www.acornworld.co.uk
> If I put on another 'Acorn World' show, would you come? 

If I could time myself to be in the UK when it was and hadn't boxed up all my 
stuff for shipping by then, probably (Blackpool might be a bit far to reach 
from Cambridge; I'm sure my visit will be frantic)

> (unless, that is, anyone fancies coughing up the £8,000k+ 

8 million quid!? ;-)

 > (!) which
> seems to be the going rate for a 2-day hire on even the most basic of
> conference halls in and around the capital).

Yeah, screw London as a venue for anything...



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