[BBC-Micro] Events 2010, Q1/Q2

Dave Moore dllm at usa.net
Thu Feb 4 13:11:50 GMT 2010

From: Darren Grant <darren.grant at adslnation.com>
> Initially quite interested to see one in Oxford thats where I live but
gaming, meh! 

That reminds me ...

re: the gamey one in Oxford this weekend (RetroVision)

It all takes place in a pub basement but on Sunday, myself a few others from
the ML & STH(including Samwise, Mark Haysman and ex-ML member Greg Cook) will
'resurface' to the main part of the pub at 1pm, for beers with another ex-ML
member (Charlie Robson).

But if anyone nearby fancies joining us for a pint, drop me a line and I'll
give you more info ...

Address is:
The Folly Bridge Inn
38 Abingdon Road,
Oxford OX1 4PD

(Actually Darren, there's some Domesday stuff I could do with asking you
about, so do pop in! ;) ).


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