[BBC-Micro] 'BASIC 512K'

David Hunt dm.hunt at ntlworld.com
Fri Feb 5 00:05:28 GMT 2010

> Okay, upgrade time for good old 6502 (Hi)BASIC.
> To the undiluted splendour that is the 65816.
> ReCo6502 can now run a 65816-patched HiBASIC 4r32
> that provides 448 KB of variable storage space,
> with no significant performance penalty (due to
> the 24-bit addressing capabilities of the 65816).
> Now you can finally assemble that big chunk of
> 6502 assembly code that didn't fit even on your
> Second Processor ... ;-)

I'll give it a go, 448kB is a good slice of memory for BBC BASIC apps!


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