[BBC-Micro] Where are they now?

Rob robert at irrelevant.com
Fri Feb 5 19:44:22 GMT 2010

OK people.  Cast your mind back just over eight years, and in December
2001, one Jason Bennison was in the unfortunate position of having to
find a new home for his BBC Micro equipment, as noted by a post to
this very mailing list.


Did anybody still on here take these?  In particular, the discs with
the Viewfax/Music Link archives one them, and... DO YOU STILL HAVE

And while I'm on the subject, has anybody got an email address for
Lawrence Kirby?  fred at genesis.demon.co.uk doesn't work any more.

And  ... anybody else on here got anything left over from Prestel?
I'd love to find an old backup tape from one of the GEC machines they
ran themselves..


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